Discover and learn more about how your personality traits and soft skills are perceived by others.

By recording a 1–3-minute video in which you talk about:

  • yourself,
  • your career path,
  • your educational background,
  • your soft skills, and
  • your professional interests,

you are allowing Vima’s innovative technology, that combines psychological expertise and artificial intelligence, to evaluate your personality traits and skills as perceived by others, while removing individual bias


Are you ready?

After the instructions page, you will be able to check your recording setting:

  • Make sure that your head fits in the grey space on the screen and that your voice is detected (green wave form).

Once you are all set, click record.

  • Your screen will black-out and display the topics you should talk about.
  • Your own video image will become small and move to the top right corner in order not to distract you while you are recording yourself.

The system will allow you to take and review up to 3 videos.

Once you are happy with your video, simply upload it by clicking on upload.


I have uploaded my video, what happens next?

The system will take between 5-6 min to analyze your video.

Once analyzed, you will be redirected to the results page automatically.

You can view your results on the screen and download them as a PDF for your personal records.

In parallel, you will also receive an email with a unique link to your personalized results.


How does it work?

In order to evaluate your traits and soft skills, Vima’s technology will analyze:

  • your voice tonality,
  • your facial expressions,
  • your body language, and
  • your speech content (word meaning and grammar).

This will allow Vima to benchmark you with respect to a large group of individuals, who also submitted a self-presentation video and have been evaluated by a panel of 24 professionals. This allows Vima to provide you with insights about the different skills and traits, which are listed below.

Side notes:

Vima’s automated evaluation is based on how you behave in the video, not on personal information such as gender, age or ethnicity.

Vima is GDPR compliant and complies with the Swiss and local data privacy laws.