Human behaviour

Human behaviour is a window into internal psychological functions.

A fair understanding of the connections between behaviours and what drives them brings value wherever humans are at the centre of processes such as managing a company’s workforce. Human factors such as personality, soft skills, and emotions are the main drivers of successful matches between people and their environment: their job, team members, personalized consumables and services.

Technological innovations

Until recent years, firms relied on small windows of behavioural data to gain insight into human factors affecting their business.

However, thanks to massive technological innovations in the past decade, we have entered an age of ubiquitous computing, multiplying and magnifying the windows by which we can observe and interpret human behaviour. In particular, high-quality video has become widely available thanks to cameras in smartphones and user-friendly sharing platforms.

These innovations unlock new opportunities in the field of human-machine interactions. Coupled to recent developments in behavioural psychology on the one side and AI/machine learning on the other side, automatic detection, analysis and understanding of human behaviour have become a reality.

Vima & ILA

As a leader in that field, Vima is ideally positioned to help global companies develop new capabilities thanks to its scientifically validated and proprietary solutions in Behavioural Intelligence. Applications are multiple.

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