Unlock new opportunities thanks to behavioral and emotional assessment.

Vima’s product allows companies to be more successful by empowering professionals with key insights in organizational development, talent acquisition, and well-being.

Self-awareness, skills gap analysis, diversity in personality profiles, leadership qualities, the efficacy of learning & development programs, team performance, job profile matching as well as early stress detection are at large the focus of Vima.
Vima’s solution falls into the category of Software and Technology as a Service (SaaS, TaaS).

Human Resources

“75% of the performance on the job is linked to personality traits and soft skills.”
Study performed by Stanford Research Institute and Carnegie Melon Foundation on Forbes’s 500 CEO

Increase self-awareness

Bring a direct window into internal traits and states of a person to determine which soft skills and behavioral changes are needed.

Improve team collaboration

Improve collective intelligence and collaborative work by providing insight into internal traits and states of the members of a team.

Early detection of stress

Prevent stress situations from escalating and overcome crisis by understanding a person’s stress resilience capability and current stress states.

Enhance team performance

Get insights about personality traits and soft skills of team members. Optimize the personality mix within teams to unlock their full potential.

Recruitment: evaluate soft skills early on

Get a broader and more in-depth analysis of candidates by evaluating their soft skills early on in the recruitment process.
Soft skills match to job profile count for 90% of successful performance on the job.

Identify future leaders

Overcome crisis and drive smooth transformation in getting a direct window into future leader personality traits, soft skills and leadership skills. Align learning and development program to point to recommended behavioral changes.

Outplacement: empower coaches

Give a direct window into personality traits and soft skills of people and compare with job competence profiles within demanding industries. Provide employees with a clear learning and development program and measure the impact it has.

Improve diversity and inclusion

Avoid biased decisions based on socio-demographical background and increase the selection of typically under-represented groups of people.

Vima as Tech provider

Implement Vima’s groundbreaking technologies and solutions into your existing framework to complement your offerings.

The technology is provided as a license model with a maintenance fee charged annually.

Software Development Kit (SDK)
Technology as a Service

Where are we heading?

Behavioral and Emotional analytics are helping companies and brands build richer customer profiles and tailor their experiences.

Behaviors and Emotions steer many decisions, both professional and personal.

In the marketing world, according to Forrester, emotions have a bigger impact on brand loyalty than how effective a product is or how easy it is to use.

Vima is ready to serve and win this market!


Vima proposes a Proof of Concept (PoC) to customers to ease the adoption of AI. The PoC is available for a period of 3 months and includes 200 assessments.

The recipe of the success: smart objectives, efficient schedule, clear deliverables, defined roles.

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