We enhance people experience along the candidate and employee journey.

Birds communicate largely through visual displays or sound

We enhance people experience along the candidate and employee journey.

Birds communicate largely through visual displays or sound

“In a world where money is no longer the primary motivator for employees, focusing on the candidate and employee experience is the most promising competitive advantage that organisations can create”.

Jacob Morgan, author of The Employee Experience Advantage


Relationship Management

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86% of employees link their engagement to the positive relationship to their direct line manager, even more now in the remote workplace.

Negative Emotions

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Employees negative emotions have a high influence on performance, creativity, turnover and teamwork.

Lack of Feedback

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75% of applicants never hear back from employers according to CareerBuilder Survey.


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61% of US employees are stressed and overworked and it is getting worse with remote work.


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75% of the job performance  on the job depends on soft skills.

Biased Performance Reviews

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Decreased engagement due to biased performance review, which becomes necessary to recreate dialogue among people in a hybrid workplace.

Lack of Self-awareness

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Lack of self-awareness impacts career development by not knowing your strengths and weaknesses. This increase ability to handle change and transformation.


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Billions are invested in training without being capable of measuring the benefits of it.



The Candidate Journey


The Employee Journey


The solution can be integrated in an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and a TMS (Talent Management System) at different stages of the processes.

Candidate and Employee

Access to your Personality traits and Human Skills as perceived by others (Individual Report PDF).
Use this “unbiased” assessment to challenge the 360° feedback in the performance appraisal review process.

Candidate and Employee

Schedule, monitor and manage assessment.
Access to Individual Assessment Report along the authorization concept.
• Gather and study available graphical analysis.

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Allow employees to access professional expertise
in psychology to boost their self-awareness.

Focus on upskilling your employees along the company global strategy.
Measure the impact of trainings to save operating cost (compare assessment outputs at a glance).

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Succession planning process

Understand if a leader is perceived as such, check for above average communication and professional skills and ensure that these talents are highly open to new experiences. Invest in training if needed as the engagement and employee retention is highly linked to leaders’ performances.

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Application process: Leave a unique experience and self-development assets to every candidate applying.
Selection process: Define the ideal candidate profiles thanks to a customized model tailored to your company and position.
Save time and focus on the best suited candidates for interviews
Interview process: Challenge your intuition with an objective view and improve interview questions based on the findings.

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Integrated in the day-to-day life of your employees because stress state do not wait for a process to be addressed.

Understand if you are perceived as stressed, to deploy the right actions within a supportive organization and optimize well-being over time.

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Productivity is directly linked to the affective state of people.

Understand in which affective state your team is. Leveraging this insight, is key to derive the right actions or adapt communication style to drive success within your company.

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Understand the diversity of your organization in traits and skills to better overcome crisis and transformation. Use these insights to adapt your communication and actions plan.

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Smart objectives, efficient schedule, clear deliverables, defined roles and a true partnership between customer and Vima.

The recipe of success!

Stand-alone ILA Essential is easily implemented: 2 hours of setup, 1-hour train the trainer.

More advanced projects:

Pilot phase – duration 3 months (set up of the solution, train the recruiters, integration within the recruitment process, definition and review of the benefits)

5 – 7 days Vima (5000 CHF / 5 days Customer (Recruiter, Super User)

Custom model: on-demand (around 5000 CHF)

Global Rollout – managed by the customer and supported by Vima


ILA Essentials

CHF18'400 yearly
  • 1’000 Assessments
  • 2 Languages
  • 1 Super User 2’400 CHF/year
  • Set up Cost 1’000 CHF
  • Unlimited manager and recruiter profiles

ILA Essentials & Well Being

CHF24'670 yearly
  • 1’000 Assessments
  • 2 Languages
  • 1 Super User 2’400 CHF/year
  • Set up Cost 2’000 CHF
  • Unlimited manager and recruiter profiles







Satisfied Customers


By fusing 4 modalities (facial expression, voice tonality, NLP and body gesture), Vima’s machine learning technology predicts insights with unprecedented accuracy.
In correlation with KPIs, it provides powerful key data to serve markets beyond Workforce.
If you want to know more about the many applications and details about the technology, get in touch with us.

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“Using Vima’s behavioral assessment tool powered by advanced AI technology in our outplacement process gives us the chance to assess personality traits and soft skills as perceived by others. The user experience is great, the process to record a self-presentation video is fast and easy and the results so quickly available, that it feels as if it were realtime.”

Roland Bartl, Principal Consultant Career Management, Talent Solutions ManpowerGroup AG - Right Management

“I had the chance to test this solution a few weeks ago and it has been a pleasant surprise. The system is easy to use and efficient – it only takes a few minutes for it to analyse your voice, facial expressions, body language and words before giving you a convincing estimate of your personality traits and soft skills. I was amazed by the level of accuracy of the results! Most of the observations really seemed to match me and I found the additional information valuable. The option to download the results is also a nice addition. I recommend anyone to give it a try!”

Joy Oppliger, UX Designer at Logitech

“Working with VIMA gave students remarkable insights into the validity and credibility of AI technology. Having explored how the tool was built, students experimented with the tool as users and were impressed by the accuracy of the results and their potential to provoke self-awareness and inform stimulating conversations. The experience prompted reflections on the ways in which VIMA results might interact with other self-development tools as well as providing students with a critically-informed understanding of potential business applications in HR contexts.”

Ruth Puhr, Head of Teaching & Learning Development at Les Roches Global Hospitality Education