A positive experience along the candidate and employee journey.
Trust, Recognition, Fairness, Engagement, Care.

Empower companies and professionals with actionable insights into personality traits, human skills and emotions, as perceived by others to elevate the candidate and employee experience​.

Human Resources

“75% of the performance on the job is linked to personality traits and soft skills.”​
Study performed by Stanford Research Institute and Carnegie Melon Foundation on Forbes’s 500 CEO.

ILA Essential​

Schedule, monitor and manage assessments to internal or external people. Review the video as well as the assessment output at a glance.

ILA Learning & Development feature​

Compare assessment outputs at a glance to define the impact of a training program. Conduct performance review of training coaches based on the assessment data.


ILA Leadership feature

Access to key insights of future candidates for Talent Pool or Succession Planning. Understand if a leader is perceived as such, check for above average communication and professional skills and ensure that these talents are highly open to new experience.

ILA Talent Acquisition

Correlate performance indicators with personality profiles of your organization to derive the target profile in the recruitment process.

In order to define the ideal candidate profiles for a position, correlate performance indicators with the profiles of your current employees in that position.


ILA Well-being and Emotion features

Understand if you are perceived as stressed, to derive the right actions with your line manager or HR organization and optimize your well-being over the time.

Assess the emotional state of teams and organizations, as productivity is directly linked to it. Derive actions and adapt communication style to drive company into success.


ILA Solution – Pricing​

ILA is offered as a Software As A Service.
The price of the assessment depends on the functionalities, languages and volume required.
Set up cost between 1’000-5’000CHF.
Super User yearly cost starting at 2’400CHF.
Contact us for a quote.

ILA Implementation

Smart objectives, efficient schedule, clear deliverables, defined roles, the recipe of the success​.

Stand-alone ILA Essential is easily implemented: 2-hours of setup, 1-hour train the trainer

More advanced project

  • Pilot phase – duration 3-6 months including the set-up of the solution, train the recruiters, integration within the recruitment process, definition and review of the benefits targeted
  • 5-7 days Vima / 5 days Customer (Recruiter, Super User)
  • Custom model: on demand
  • Global Rollout – the customer gains the knowledge required to rollout on its own. Vima consulting team is ready to support and guide on demand

Vima as Tech provider

By fusing 4 modalities (facial expression, voice tonality, NLP and body gesture), Vima’s AI technology predicts insights with unprecedented accuracy.  In correlation with KPIs, it provides powerful key data to serve markets beyond Workforce.​

If you want to know more about the many applications and details about the technology, get in touch with us.​

Technology as a Service

Where are we heading?

Human behavioral and Emotional analytics are helping companies and brands build richer customer profiles and tailor their experiences.​

Human behaviors and Emotions steer many decisions, both professional and personal.​

In the marketing world, according to Forrester, emotions have a bigger impact on brand loyalty than how effective a product is or how easy it is to use.​

Vima is ready to serve and win this market!​

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