The AI technology to serve people and enhance their experiences.

Fish swarm inspires algorithm

The AI technology to serve people and enhance their experiences.

Fish swarm inspires algorithm

How does it work?

Vima’s innovative video-based solution ILA, allows users to record a video (1-3mns) and immediately receive their individual results in the form of an assessment.

The AI technology analyses four modalities: body gesture, facial expression, voice tonality, and spoken words (NLP), and fuses them as the last step to predict personality traits, soft skills, and affective state. The fusion increases the accuracy and robustness of the prediction model.

What do we infer so far?

Decades of research on personality expression and judgment show that people behave in systematic ways that express their skills and personality traits. These studies converge to the consistent finding that verbal and nonverbal behaviours act as cues to soft skills and personality traits of a person.

As opposed to self-reported psychometric questionnaires, Vima predicts how your personality traits, soft-skills and distress are perceived by others. These insights are key are workplace and complementary to build the full self-awareness.

How do we train the model?

The current surge in video recordings of professional interactions (e.g. video CV’s, webinars, video conferences) represents a true opportunity to develop automated systems for behaviour-based inference of traits and states as explained above, by leveraging fast, and scalable algorithms built upon ground truth data that is both large and high in quality. The development of such systems, including Vima’s, typically has three steps.

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What’s the research behind ILA?

Human behaviour is a window into internal psychological functions. A fair understanding of the connections between behaviours and what drives them brings value wherever humans are at the centre of processes such as managing a company’s workforce. Human factors such as personality, soft skills, and emotions are the main drivers of successful matches between people and their environment.

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Ethics and Human Rights at Vima

Vima works with an ethics and human rights committee and upholds the following values of responsibility, transparency, accountability, fairness and empowerment.

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