The AI technology to serve people and enhance their experiences.

Fish swarm inspires algorithm

The AI technology to serve people and enhance their experiences.

Fish swarm inspires algorithm

How does it work?

Vima’s innovative video-based solution ILA, allows users to record a video (1-3mns) and immediately receive their individual results in the form of an assessment.

The AI technology analyses four modalities: body gesture, facial expression, voice tonality, and spoken words (NLP), and fuses them as the last step to predict personality traits, soft skills, and affective state. The fusion increases the accuracy and robustness of the prediction model.

What do we display so far?

As opposed to self-reported psychometric questionnaires,
Vima predicts how your traits, skills and affective state
are perceived by others.
Vima uses the tremendous potential of Machine Learning
to unleash access to expertise in psychology.

How do we train the predictive model?

Personality traits and affective states are manifested
through verbal and nonverbal behaviours.
The model was trained with thousands of videos, annotated by 30 experts in psychology and following a strict protocol to remove individual bias.

The accuracy of the model can be compared to a minimum of 6 experts in psychology assessing a person on traits, skills and affectional state.

What’s the research behind ILA?

Based on years of research and proprietary knowledge, Vima has developed best-in-class technologies to accurately, and automatically evaluate personality profiles at scale. Coupling the latest advancements in computer vision, speech processing, and AI/Machine Learning, Vima has built a product that delivers accurate and interpretable results.

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Ethics and Human Rights at Vima

Vima works with an ethics and human rights committee and upholds the following values of responsibility, transparency, accountability, fairness and empowerment.

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