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perceived personality traits and human skills!
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Nick Hugo
How are you perceived by others?
EXPLORE SOLUTIONS This observation has a huge influence on the success,
career and well-being of a candidate and employee.


Candidate Journey

25% selection time saved

Improved hiring quality

Reduced turnover & replacement

Employee Journey

56% increase in job performances

75% reduction of sick days

50% drop in turnover rate

86% increase in employee engagement




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Vima augments the people analytics market with actionable insights as a service based on behavioral & affective-state data to elevate the candidate and employee experience.

How ? Vima developed ILA (Inferred Language Analysis), an innovative video-based software as a service solution that predicts perceived personality traits, soft skills and affective state. ILA removes individual bias and integrates expertise in psychology and machine learning.

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ILA Essentials

Empower candidates and employees with behavioral insights and boost their self-awareness.

ILA Learning & Development

Be ahead of challenges: find needed soft skills and measure performance of training and coaching programs.

ILA Matchmaking

Elevate the hiring quality by setting ideal candidate profiles and reward all candidates with behavioral insights. Promote internal mobility and plan your next workforce with higher quality and success.

ILA Leadership

Identify the best suited leaders to enhance peoples’ engagement and boost the company’s productivity.

ILA Well-Being

Good well-being is a core enabler of employee engagement and organisational performance. Identify your stress level and initiate measures to reduce it.

ILA Diversity

Understand the workforce diversity of your organization to successfully reorganize, transform, and overcome crises.


Starting price of 15CHF per Assessment.

Time Effective
From the video to the results in less than 5mns.

Easy to use, nothing to install, and the results are available right away to the individual and the company.

Accuracy & Robustness
Using the latest development in computer technology and advanced protocols from data collection to annotation.

Behavioural and affective state assessment as a Service.

Compliant and Secure
Following the strict rules of GDPR and supervised by an ethics & human rights committee.

The solution can be integrated into an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and a TMS (Talent Management System) at different stages of the processes.



See you in Lisbon!

Vima is proud to be invited as a Growth Startup – “unicorns in the making” – to join the Web Summit in Lisbon from November 1st to 4th, 2021.

We are a proud member of the companies of tomorrow; the companies that will reinvent the services and products of the future.

We are extremely happy to be onsite and to meet you all again soon!

Our CEO, Ghislaine Couvreur, will take on the main stage to share her vision with the tech world…

Stay tuned!

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Elevate Hiring Quality

Reward all candidates with valuable and powerful behavioral insights and while it boosts the reputation of your company, it enhances their experience.
Save time and set high quality standards in the selection process by defining the ideal candidate profiles, which can be set manually or thanks to a customized model tailored to your company.
Select the best suited candidates for an interview and challenge your intuition with an “objective” view on their personality traits and soft skills to improve interview questions.

Empower Workforce

Understanding how you are perceived by others, allow you to interact and deal better with your colleagues and managers.
This is key in a time of the digitalization. It boosts your self-awareness and help you to know where your strengths and weaknesses are.
You are empowered and capable of managing your career with more agility. Upskilling is then more than a word; it is a clear and measurable path.
Select the best suited candidates for an interview and challenge your intuition with an “objective” view on their personality traits and soft skills to improve interview questions.

Retain Talents

The pandemic intensified the war of talents and companies need to retain them for the sake of their success.
By identifying and investing in the best suited leaders, companies increase the engagement of employees tremendously. This is a top factor in employees’ job satisfaction and correlate with stronger corporate performances.
Fairness in performance review is key to keep employees engaged at the beginning of each year. Vima’s technology allows companies to integrate a 360°feedback review without individual bias in the appraisal process.

Empower Leaders

Transformation, crises, merge & acquisition are recurring events in the lifecycle of companies, which always bring challenges.
If you access the actionable insights out of your organization profiles, you can increase the success rates of these events. Learn how to adapt your communication style and execution plan to keep, despite challenges, an engaged organization.

Enhance Well-Being

Maintain a high productivity thanks to an improved well-being.
Mental health in the workplace unlocks a greater sense of productivity, fulfillment, and inclusivity in the workforce. Give people the chance to detect their stress-state and define the right measures in collaboration with a supportive organization.


Vima’s technology predicts insights with unprecedented accuracy and robustness due to an expertise in data collection, annotation and machine learning training. Transfer learning technology and fusion of modalities don’t have any secret for the team of experts in machine learning.

This technology can provide powerful key data to serve markets beyond Workforce such as Education, Gaming, eSport and more.

If you want to know more about the many applications and details about the technology, get in touch with us.



At Vima we consider data protection and privacy as part of our core duties and therefore ensure that our methodologies and technology are GDPR-compliant and follow the Swiss Federal Act on Research Involving Human Beings as well as the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection.