How are you perceived by others?

Leverage human perception with ILA (Inferred Language Analysis) to enhance the candidate and employee experience. Discover your personality traits and human skills within 5 minutes:

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  • Increase Employee Engagement 86% 86%
  • Increase job performance 56% 56%
  • Reduction of sick days 75% 75%
  • Drop Employee Turnover 50% 50%

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Business Solutions

ILA Essentials

Empower candidates and employees with behavioral insights and boost their self-awareness.



Be ahead of challenges: find needed human skills and measure performance of training and coaching programs.



ILA Matchmaking

Elevate the hiring quality by setting ideal candidate profiles and reward all candidates with behavioral insights. Promote internal mobility and plan your next workforce with higher quality and success.


ILA Leadership

Identify the best suited leaders to enhance peoples’ engagement and boost the
company’s productivity.


ILA Well-Being

Good well-being is a core enabler of employee engagement and organisational performance. Identify your stress level and initiate measures to reduce it.


ILA Diversity

Understand the workforce diversity of your organization to successfully reorganize, transform, and overcome crisis.


Some Reviews

“I had the chance to test this solution a few weeks ago and it has been a pleasant surprise. The system is easy to use and efficient – it only takes a few minutes for it to analyse your voice, facial expressions, body language and words before giving you a convincing estimate of your personality traits and soft skills. I was amazed by the level of accuracy of the results! Most of the observations really seemed to match me and I found the additional information valuable. The option to download the results is also a nice addition. I recommend anyone to give it a try!”

Joy Oppliger

UX Designer at Logitech

“Using Vima’s behavioral assessment tool powered by advanced AI technology in our outplacement process gives us the chance to assess personality traits and soft skills as perceived by others. The user experience is great, the process to record a self-presentation video is fast and easy and the results so quickly available, that it feels as if it were real-time.”

Roland Bartl

Principal Consultant Career Management, Talent Solutions ManpowerGroup AG - Right Management

“The collaboration between Idiap Research Institute and Vima helped to enhance the number of modalities (visual, audio and text) used in Vima’s behavioral product. As well as to expand the applicability of the product to multiple linguistic groups.”

François Foglia

Deputy Director - Idiap Research Institute

“Working with VIMA gave students remarkable insights into the validity and credibility of AI technology. Having explored how the tool was built, students experimented with the tool as users and were impressed by the accuracy of the results and their potential to provoke self-awareness and inform stimulating conversations. The experience prompted reflections on the ways in which VIMA results might interact with other self-development tools as well as providing students with a critically-informed understanding of potential business applications in HR contexts.”

Ruth Puhr

Head of Teaching & Learning Development at Les Roches Global Hospitality Education

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