Diversity brings creativity and innovation.

There are more than 200 types of goldfish around the world!

Diversity brings creativity and innovation.

There are more than 200 types of goldfish around the world!


Vima is a Swiss company, active in machine learning and human behavior analysis, backed by years of research and affiliated to the Idiap Research Institute and the University of Lausanne (UNIL).

Augment people analytics with behavioral & emotional insights as-a-service. Solve challenges at the workforce and beyond such as education, mental health, marketing and gaming.

We want to bring a positive human experience between people and companies to achieve greater success.

Over the past year, the world has shifted to a hybrid life experience;  setting new ways of “living” by mixing both private and work environments. People have adapted and welcomed work and companies into their home.
Now it is time for the companies to adapt even more and welcome people’s personality and human skills into their structure.


The team is supported and governed by an experienced board of directors,
a scientific advisory board and an ethic and human rights committee.

Nick Mathot
Nick MathotBusiness Development
Olegs Nikisins
Olegs NikisinsMachine Learning
Hugo Schildknecht
Hugo SchildknechtProject and Customer
Success Manager
Nele Dael
Nele DaelR&D Manager & Ethic
Committee Coordinator
 Arthur Cherubini
Arthur CherubiniMachine Learning
Igor Ievsiukov
Igor IevsiukovProduct Manager
Ghislaine Couvreur
Ghislaine CouvreurCEO

Vima has been founded in 2015 by Dr. Raphaël Héraïef. Raphaël is a physician by training and has been fascinated by Behavioural AI technologies after meeting Prof. Gatica-Perez at the IDIAP Research Institute in Martigny, Switzerland. After creating a first company in Human Resources (Unono), he started Vima as a spinoff from the IDIAP Research Institute. His enthusiasm and conviction led to the company to a first round of financing in 2019. He initiated the development of Vima’s technology and product during his two years as CEO of the company and as a board member. Raphaël is now pursuing other entrepreneurial projects while keeping close ties with Vima.



“The collaboration between Idiap Research Institute and Vima helped to enhance the number of modalities (visual, audio and text) used in Vima’s behavioral product. As well as to expand the applicability of the product to multiple linguistic groups.”

François Foglia, Deputy Director - Idiap Research Institute
“Using Vima’s behavioral assessment tool powered by advanced AI technology in our outplacement process gives us the chance to assess personality traits and soft skills as perceived by others. The user experience is great, the process to record a self-presentation video is fast and easy and the results so quickly available, that it feels as if it were real-time.”
Roland Bartl, Principal Consultant Career Management, Talent Solutions ManpowerGroup AG - Right Management

“I had the chance to test this solution a few weeks ago and it has been a pleasant surprise. The system is easy to use and efficient – it only takes a few minutes for it to analyse your voice, facial expressions, body language and words before giving you a convincing estimate of your personality traits and soft skills. I was amazed by the level of accuracy of the results! Most of the observations really seemed to match me and I found the additional information valuable. The option to download the results is also a nice addition. I recommend anyone to give it a try!”

Joy Oppliger, UX Designer at Logitech

“Working with VIMA gave students remarkable insights into the validity and credibility of AI technology. Having explored how the tool was built, students experimented with the tool as users and were impressed by the accuracy of the results and their potential to provoke self-awareness and inform stimulating conversations. The experience prompted reflections on the ways in which VIMA results might interact with other self-development tools as well as providing students with a critically-informed understanding of potential business applications in HR contexts.”

Ruth Puhr, Head of Teaching & Learning Development at Les Roches Global Hospitality Education


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Artificial Intelligence for Society

The Idiap Research Institute is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes science-based innovation in the interests of foundation with activities in fundamental research and technology.

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Science and Technology Institution

Located in Switzerland, EPFL is one of Europe’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan science and technology institutions. It has both a Swiss and international vocation and focuses on three missions: teaching, research and innovation. EPFL is considered 14th in the QS World University Rankings. 

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University of Lausanne Logo

Teaching and Research Institution

The University of Lausanne is a an institution composed of seven faculties.
Its research activities focus on three main themes: human and social sciences, life sciences and medicine, and environmental sciences.
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The Ark Foundation Promoting Innovation in Valais, Switzerland.

The Ark provides practical assistance to help enterprises increase their competitiveness. Its aim is to build a dynamic and diverse economy within the canton of Valais.

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Centre de Cautionnement et de Financement

The CCF represents the financial authority of Business Valais. They provide companies with preferred loans in order to promote the Valais state attractiveness and dynamic.

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Software Development

We are here to help you in a multitude of ways that aren’t designed to just deliver a new product or service, as we are equally keen to forge a long-term relationship with your team and the wider company.

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Swiss Innovation Agency

Innosuisse is public law detained entity that supports and promotes science-based innovation in the interests of the economy and society in Switzerland.

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People Science and Person Experience

RADICL enables organizations to move beyond traditional employee engagement, performance management and leadership development by using new people science, frameworks and data sources.

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EPS Software Engineering AG has been around for many years and has experience in adapting to changes in the industry as well as the marketing of certain products or services. With this experience comes knowledge and with knowledge comes expertise. EPS has the resources and tools to assist you in the digital marketing of your business.

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Association for business psychology

Vima is member of the Association for Business Psychology (ABP).

Collaborating with ABP ensures professional excellence in integrating best practices in business psychology for Vima’s R&D activities and products

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Les Roches

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education is a private institution based on the Swiss model of experiential learning, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of hospitality, tourism and event management. Les Roches prepares entrepreneurial and innovative graduates across a global network of campuses in Switzerland, Spain and China.

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