How are you perceived by others?

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Animals use nonverbal communication, including gestures, body language, and facial expression to communicate.

How are you perceived by others?

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Animals use nonverbal communication, including gestures, body language, and facial expression to communicate.



We empower companies and professionals with actionable insights
based on behaviours and affective state to elevate the candidate and employee experience driven by the values of trust, recognition, fairness, engagement and care.

For that reason, Vima developed ILA (Inferred Language Analysis),
an innovative video-based software as a service solution
combining expertise in psychology and
machine learning to predict perceived personality traits, human skills
and affective state, whilst removing individual bias.


Behavioral and Affective State Assessment as a Service

Starting price of 15CHF per Assessment

Time Effective
From the video to the results in less than 5mns

Compliant and Secure
Following the strict rules of GDPR and supervised by an ethic & human rights committee

Accuracy & Robustness (4 modalities fused)
Using the latest development in computer technology




We are very proud of our CEO, Ghislaine Couvreur, for presenting our key solution, ILA Essentials, at Viva Technology 2021!

Vima would like to thank the Swiss delegation represented by the Swiss Ambassador in Paris, Alberto Balzaretti, Prof Dr. Volker Gass – Head of Space Innovation at EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), Alexandre Pauchard – CEO of CSEM, Dr. Simone Wyss – CEO of Switzerland Global Enterprise, Patrice Jacquier – Director of the Swiss Business Hub France, and Michaël Ehrlich – Head of Investment Promotion at the Swiss Business Hub France, for their time and interest.

We would also like to thank ManpowerGroup for this amazing opportunity!


Enhance Well-being

Maintain a high productivity thanks to an improved well-being. Mental health in the workplace unlocks a greater sense of productivity, fulfilment, and inclusivity in the workforce. Give people the chance to detect their stress state and define the right measures in collaboration with a supportive organization.

Elevate Hiring Quality

Let’s elevate the hiring quality, increase employee retention and save on the cost of new hires. Leave a unique experience and self-development assets to every candidate applying with the result of how they are perceived by others and indirectly boost their self-awareness. Save time and set high quality standards in the selection process by defining the ideal candidate profiles, thanks to a customized model tailored to your company and the seek positions. Select the best suited candidate and focus your interviews on them. Challenge your intuition with an “objective” view on candidate traits and soft skills and improve interview questions.

Empower Workforce

Boost self-awareness of your people and upskill to remain competitive in future. Improve self-awareness for career agility by allowing employees to access expertise in psychology in a cost-efficient manner. Prepare for the future needed skills and focus on upskilling your workforce when the gap is identified.

Retain Talents

Elevate the leadership quality to increase the engagement and ensure that you treat people fairly.

Do not let talents go because of poor management. Identify and develop the best-suited leaders as well as positive relationships with management. They are the top factor in employees’ job satisfaction and correlate with stronger corporate performances. Keep people engaged with fair performance review feedback. Integrate a 360°feedback removing individual bias in the appraisal process.

Retain Leaders

Understand your organization profile and emotions to get stronger despite transformation and crises, and measure training performance to save operational cost. Overcome crisis with an engaged organization. Learn as a leader how to better activate your organization by knowing the existing profile diversity of the company: capability mapping and culture. Emotions as drivers of company success. Detect the affective state of the organization to take more adequate actions. Invest in the right training/coaching to save on operating costs. Measure the impact of training.